Birthdays with sailboat, Bachelor parties with sailboat, One day sailing trips from Palamós

Sailboat rental with captain in Palamos for half day or full day

To spend the day aboard our sailboat sailing and stopping in the coves of our Natural Reserve of Castell-Illes Formigues-Cap Roig is one of those pleasures you are sure to want to repeat. 

A world of sensations to share with your family and friends, a true anti-stress resource. A refreshing dip in a great little cove and then if you’re passionate about the sea, hoisting the sails and setting off carried on the breeze, is an experience that transports you back in time to the adventures of the ancient mariners.

Rental price sailboat with skipper: Halfday : 390 €. Day 590 €. Since 13 June until 30 September. The Rest of the year: halfday: € 290. Day  490 €.

 Daytime summer :  .½ day(10h to 14h). Day 11h to 18h)) winter daytime temp:   ½ day (11h to 14h).Day(11h to 17h)

Included: fuel in daycharter , tax and skipper. boat cleaning.

Port Marina de Palamós Services: Parking  enside (2,30 h free for costumers), showers and  free wifi.


Capacity of the sailboat is up to 11 persons.


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